Images of electricians working on power lines, the IBEW Local 109 logo, and an array of electric meter boxes

About IBEW Local 109

The History of IBEW Local 109

Rock Island, IL: March 17, 1900 the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) chartered Local 109 as a (1) Lineman Local, it was also a mixed local. They represented employees working for Peoples Power Co., Iowa Telephone Co., Illinois Independent Telephone and Telegraph Co., Central Union Telephone Co., Tri-City Railway Co., and Electrical Contractors.
August 2, 1902 The International chartered Local 154 in Rock Island, but it went defunct June 7, 1904. Local 154 was again chartered in Davenport, Iowa as a lineman Local on February 14, 1911. April 3, 1934 L.U. 154 was amalgamated into L.U. 109. April 27, 1925 the International chartered Local 145 in Rock Island, IL as an Inside Local. February 7, 1944, IBEW local 109 was rechartered and became a Utility Local representing only utility workers for the then new Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company.

Iowa City, Iowa; December 4, 1907 the International chartered Local 599. The IBEW Utility Workers amalgamated into Local 109 on July 1, 1962, the rest of the 599 members went Local 405 in Cedar Rapids.

Fort Dodge, Iowa; January 25, 1915 the International chartered Local 114 as an Utility local L.U 114 amalgamated into IBEW Local 109 on July 1, 1962.

Ottumwa, Iowa; United Gas Workers Local Union 23551 moved into the IBEW, Local B735 during the year of 1951. Local B735 was chartered on April 23, 1918. The Ottumwa gas workers remained with them until 1955. In 1956 the Ottumwa gas workers went to IBEW 173 and remained there until July 1, 1962, when they amalgamated into L.U. 109. L.U. 173 was chartered on April 10, 1901, it later amalgamated into IBEW Local 13 Burlington IA on September 1, 1984.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa; United Gas Workers, Local 23532 moved into the IBEW Local 109 on July 1, 1962. IBEW Local 109 was 100 years old on March 17, 2000

Officers & Committees


Devin Dykes – President
Kevin Ammeter – Vice President
Kyle Holub – Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Brett Norris – Treasurer
Cody Wanek – Recording Secretary


Chris Wells
Joe Bedell
Brad Stephens
Ken Lue
Toby Crouch

Committee Members

General Safety Committee

Devin Dykes - Journeyman Lineman (ICSC),
Don Jones - Journeyman Lineman (BTSC)
, Kevin Ammeter Crew Leader M&C (CRSC)

Electrical Divisional Committee

Don Jones - Journeyman Lineman/President (BTSC)
, Brad Schipper (RISB)

Gas Divisional Committee

Kevin Ammeter Crew Leader M&C (CRSC), Luke Whitacre (OTSC)

Generational Divisional

Trea Purdy Fuel Handling Tech Crew Leader (LGS), Chris Petersen Combustion Turbine Tech (MGS)